Welcome To Tim’s Showcase!

Hi guys, I’m Tim! You’ll have a hard time finding me inside when I can be in the great outdoors! Haha, I’m sure you are the same way especially if you are on this website. I go hunting with a bunch of friends and they often ask me a lot of questions since I’m the veteran hunter of the group. That is why I put this website together and that’s so I can share a lot of the tricks and tips I’ve learned over my many years of hunting.

I also want to cover shooting on the site too because well, let’s face it….if you can’t shoot worth a damn then your hunting expeditions won’t turn out very well. You’ll be back at the grocery store buying ground beef for dinner instead of that great, juicy venison steak! Don’t worry though, starting out I have some tips to finding the best rifle scope and how to properly zero it in too.

Since I’m such an avid hunter I’m not at the computer a lot so keep that in mind when checking things out right here. This site will probably always be a work-in-progress but feel free to share some information with me if you have some article ideas or have your own special tips and tricks that would benefit the hunting community.

Here’s a list of some of the articles that I have done so far:


Basic Hunting

Deer Hunting