September 13, 1974 - January 10, 1980
NBC Crime Drama - 123 Episodes


Jim Rockford:   James Garner
Joseph "Rocky" Rockford:   Noah Beery, Jr.
Det. Dennis Becker:   Joe Santos
Beth Davenport:   Gretchen Corbett
Evelyn "Angel" Martin:   Stuart Margolin
John Cooper:   Bo Hopkins
Lt. Alex Diehl:   Tom Atkins
Lt. Doug Chapman:   James Luisi
Lance White:   Tom Selleck
Peggy Becker:   Pat Finley
Officer Billings:   Luis Delgado
Captain McEnroe:   Jack Garner
Rita Capkovic:   Rita Moreno
Richie Brockelman:   Dennis Dugan

Jim Rockford was a private detective with a difference.
He was an ex-convict. Once imprisoned for a crime he had not
committed,but eventually exonerated when new evidence turned up.

Jim had a penchant for taking cases that were closed--those the
police were sure had been resolved. His knack for turning up information
that might reverse the already established verdict did not endear him
to the police, particularly to Det. Dennis Becker with whom he had a
love-hate relationship.

Jim was always getting Dennis involved in situations he would have
preferred to avoid, aggravating the cop who, despite it all, had a
personal affection for him.

Jim lived in, and worked out of, a house trailer at the beach in
the Los Angeles area and was not the cheapest detective available,
charging $200 per day plus expenses.

His father, a retired trucker, helped him on occasions and his girlfriend,
attorney Beth Davenport, was always around to bail him out when he ran
afoul of the law.

Having been in prison, Jim had many ex-con friends.
One of them, his former cellmate, Angel Martin, was
constantly in need of Jim's help because of his tendency
to get involved with his former criminal associates.

CBS presented eight made for TV Rockford Files
movies which were aired between 1994 and 1999.


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