Format One

October 4, 1949 - March 28, 1950
NBC Situation Comedy - 26 Episodes


Chester A. Riley:   Jackie Gleason
Peggy Riley:   Rosemary DeCamp
Babs Riley:   Gloria Winters
Chester Riley, Jr.:   Lanny Rees
Jim Gillis:   Sid Tomack
Digby "Digger" O'Dell:   John Brown
Waldo Binny:   Bob Jellison
Honeybee Gillis:   Maxine Semon
Egbert Gillis:   George McDonald
Carl Stevenson:   Bill Green
  Emory Parnell
Millie:   Mary Treen

1313 Blue View Terrace, Los Angeles, California, the
residence of the Riley Family: Chester, a riveter with
Stevenson Aircraft and Associates; his wife Peggy; and
their children, Babs and Junior. Stories relate the
trials and tribulations of a not-too-bright husband
and his family. Jackie Gleason's bug-eyed portrayal
of Riley did not catch on, and the program was
canceled after only one season.

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Format Two

January 2, 1953 - May 23, 1958
NBC Situation Comedy - 216 Episodes

Chester A Riley:   William Bendix
Peggy Riley:   Marjorie Reynolds
Babs Riley:   Lugene Sanders
Chester Riley, Jr.:   Wesley Morgan
Jim Gillis:   Tom D'Andrea
Honeybee Gillis:   Gloria Blondell
Don Marshall:   Martin Milner
Carl Stevenson:   Douglas Dumbrille
Waldo Binny:   Sterling Holloway
Millicent:   Stanja Lowe
Otto Schmidlap:   Henry Kulky
Calvin Dudley:   George O'Hanlon
Belle Dudley:   Florence Sundstrom
Cissy Riley:   Mary Jane Croft
Moose:   Denny Miller
Hawkins:   Emory Parnell
Dangle:   Robert Sweeney

Three years later the series returned with an entirely
new cast. William Bendix had portrayed Riley on radio in
the 1940s. The premise of the show remained the same.

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before making it's way to television.
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