October 30, 1980 - January 31, 1989
ABC & Syndicated Situation Comedy - 119 Episodes


Amy Tompkins:   Crystal Bernard
Dot Higgins:   Gail Edwards
Cassie Cranston:   Ann Jillian
Sonny Mann:   Paul Kreppel
Nancy Beebe:   Marian Mercer
Ginger St. James:   Sheryl Lee Ralph
Howard Miller:   Richard Stahl
Jungle Fighter:   Craig Vincent
Jan Hoffmeyer:   Barrie Youngfellow
Richie Gray:   Richard Kline
Lois Adams:   Susan Sullivan
Vicki Allen:   Wendy Schaal
Mario:   Bert Remsen
Maggie McBurney:   Louise Lasser
Dennis Hubner:   Earl Bowen
Reggie St. Thomas:   Julius Carry
Bobby Lee Lord:   Jay Baker

This sexy comedy was about five pretty waitresses working at the posh
Los Angeles restaurant, Above the Top, located atop a hi-rise hotel.
Nany was the disciplinarian hostess and supervisor, trying to get a days
work out of Lois, Dot, Vicki, Cassie, Jan, and Sonny, the self-absorbed
lounge pianist. Along with battling customers and chattering about their
home life, the girls all giggled a lot, paraded around in skimpy outfits,
and made jokes about who had "done it" the previous night.

ABC evidently had faith in this show. Despite a shaky first season, it was
renewed, given a new name, Making a Living, and two new cast members,
and tried out in several time periods, it didn't help.

Three years after leaving ABC, with its original title and most of its
original cast, It's a Living returned to the air with new episodes produced
for the syndicated market. Added to the cast were Amy, a naive, new young
waitress; a new chef named Howard who was the constant,and disinterested
object of Nancy's amorous advances; and the infrequently seen Richie Gray,
the electrcian who eventually married Jan. In the fall of 1986 an outspoken,
sexy black waitress named Ginger joined the other waitresses at Above the Top.
Late in 1987, in a moment of weakness, sarcastic Howard finally started dating
Nancy and, to the surprise of everyone on the staff including himself, the
two of them got married in Las Vegas.

During the 1988-1989 season there were two more marriages, Ginger to the
successful physician Reggie St. Thomas and her roommate Amy to Bobby Lee Lord,
a devout young preacher. As the series wound down, Dot was still looking for
her big break as an actress, Sonny was as obnoxious as ever, Jan and Richie
were expecting a baby and, most remarkably, Howard and Nancy were still together.

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