October 10, 2000 - April 9, 2001
ABC Medical Drama - 21 Episodes


Dr. Ben Gideon:   Andre Braugher
Reporter:   David Dionisio
Dr. Max Cabranes:   Rubén Blades
Dr. Wyatt Cooper:   Eric Dane
Dr. Aaron Boies:   Russell Hornsby
Dr. Siddhartha "Sid" Shandar:   Ravi Kapoor
Dr. Bruce Cherry:   Hamish Linklater
Dr. Alejandra "Ollie" Klein:   Rhona Mitra
Dr. Michael Pirandello:   Kevin J. O'Connor
Rose Gideon:   Meagan Gregory
Eli Gideon:   Jascha Washington
Charlie Gideon:   Brian Wiltshire
Nurse:   Maile Flanagan
Dr. Maya Stiles:   Sophie Keller
Mrs. Grey:   Irene Roseen

Emmy Award-winning actor Andre Braugher returns to
television in an exciting new series from two-time
Academy Award nominee Paul Attanasio (Quiz Show,
Donnie Brasco), the creator of Homicide.

Braugher plays Benjamin Gideon, an unorthodox doctor
who, as he explores the brave new world of cutting-edge
medicine, ventures as well into the yet-trickier
terrain of his patients' lives.

As chief of experimental medicine at a prestigious Boston
teaching hospital that is often the last hope for critically
ill patients, Gideon rules over a house staff of young
doctors, instilling in them the art of medicine as he sees
it -- as complex as untangling the code inside a tumor cell,
or as simple as holding a patient's hand. That a doctor's
struggle is to be more than -- and nothing
more than -- a human being.

At the place where a doctor's ideals confront modern-day
reality, where the technology of tomorrow meets the healer's
touch, where the experience of illness transforms the lives of
both doctor and patient -- this is the world of Gideon's Crossing.

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