September 19, 1975 - October 25, 1979
British Comedy - 12 Episodes


Basil Fawlty:   John Cleese
Sybil Fawlty:   Prunella Scales
Polly Sherman:   Connie Booth
Manuel:   Andrew Sachs
Major Gowen:   Ballard Berkeley
Miss Tibbs:   Gilly Flower
Miss Gatsby:   Renee Roberts
Terry:   Brian Hall
Mr. Hutchison, inspector:   Bernard Cribbins
Mr. Ingrams:   Charles McKeown

This enduring comedy, based on a real-life
guest house in the English seaside resort of
Torquay, is one of the most celebrated TV series
of all time, playing to fans in more than 60
countries worldwide. Despite being written
over 20 years ago, it remains as
fresh and funny as ever.

The irrepressible Basil Fawlty is based on a real
hotel manager - Mr. Sinclair, who ran the Gleneagles
Hotel in Torquay - where John Cleese and the rest
of the team stayed during filming for Monty Python.

Basil is without a doubt the rudest hotelier in the
world. His daily irritations include: Major Gowen,
a regular guest who is regularly drunk; Manuel,
his Spanish waiter, who has very little knowledge
of the English language; Sybil, his overbearing
wife; and Polly, the chambermaid, who often has
to bail him out of his endless shenanigans.
Miss Gatsby and Miss Tibbs are long-standing
residents, although they appear relatively little.

In each episode the letters on the hotel sign are
rearranged to create alternative names - including
Watery Fowls, Farty Towels, Flowery Twats
and Fatty Owls.

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