Outstanding Drama Series
'The West Wing' (NBC) -- WINNER
'ER' (NBC)
'Law & Order' (NBC)
'The Practice' (ABC)
'The Sopranos' (HBO)

Outstanding Actress, Comedy Series
Jennifer Aniston, 'Friends' (NBC) -- WINNER
Patricia Heaton, 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (CBS)
Jane Kaczmarek, 'Malcolm in the Middle' (FOX)
Debra Messing, 'Will & Grace' (NBC)
Sarah Jessica Parker, 'Sex and the City' (HBO)

Outstanding Actor, Comedy Series
Ray Romano, 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (CBS) -- WINNER
Bernie Mac, 'Bernie Mac' (FOX)
Matt LeBlanc, 'Friends' (NBC)
Matthew Perry, 'Friends' (NBC)
Kelsey Grammer, 'Frasier' (NBC)

Outstanding Comedy Series
'Friends' (NBC) -- WINNER
'Will & Grace' (NBC)
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' (HBO)
'Everybody Loves Raymond' (CBS)
'Sex and the City' (HBO)

Outstanding Actress, Drama Series
Allison Janney, 'West Wing' (NBC) -- WINNER
Jennifer Garner, 'Alias' (ABC)
Rachel Griffiths, 'Six Feet Under' (HB0)
Frances Conroy, 'Six Feet Under' (HB0)
Amy Brenneman, 'Judging Amy' (CBS)

Outstanding Actor, Drama Series
Michael Chiklis, 'The Shield' (FX) -- WINNER
Kiefer Sutherland, '24' (FOX)
Michael C. Hall, 'Six Feet Under' (HBO)
Peter Krause, 'Six Feet Under' (HBO)
Martin Sheen, 'The West Wing' (NBC)

Outstanding Drama Series
'The West Wing' (NBC) -- WINNER
'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' (CBS)
'24' (FOX)
'Law & Order' (NBC)
'Six Feet Under' (HBO)

Outstanding Supporting Actress, Comedy Series
Doris Roberts, 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (CBS) -- WINNER
Megan Mullally, 'Will & Grace' (NBC)
Wendie Malick, 'Just Shoot Me' (NBC)
Cynthia Nixon, 'Sex and The City' (HBO)
Kim Cattrall, 'Sex and The City' (HBO)

Outstanding Supporting Actor, Comedy Series
Brad Garrett, 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (CBS) -- WINNER
Sean Hayes, 'Will & Grace' (NBC)
Peter Boyle, 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (CBS)
Bryan Cranston, 'Malcolm in the Middle' (FOX)
David Hyde Pierce, 'Frasier' (NBC)

Outstanding Supporting Actress, Drama Series
Stockard Channing, 'The West Wing' (NBC) -- WINNER
Lauren Ambrose, 'Six Feet Under' (HBO)
Tyne Daly, 'Judging Amy' (CBS)
Mary-Louise Parker, 'The West Wing' (NBC)
Janel Moloney, 'The West Wing' (NBC)

Outstanding Supporting Actor, Drama Series
John Spencer, 'The West Wing' (NBC) -- WINNER
Freddy Rodriguez, 'Six Feet Under' (HBO)
Victor Garber, 'Alias' (ABC)
Richard Schiff, 'The West Wing' (NBC)
Bradley Whitford, 'The West Wing' (NBC)
Dulé Hill, 'The West Wing' (NBC)