September 20, 1963 - January 12, 1966
Detective Drama - 81 Episodes


Capt. Amos Burke:   Gene Barry
Det. Tim Tilson:   Gary Conway
Henry:   Leon Lontoc
Det. Les Hart:   Regis Toomey
Sgt. Gloria Ames:   Eileen O'Neill
M. E. George McLeod:   Michael Fox

Detective series about Amos Burke, a millionaire Los Angeles Chief of Detectives,
who is chauffeured around to solve crimes in his Rolls-Royce. In the last season of the
original series it was re-titled Amos Burke, Secret Agent. In this last season Burke went
to work for a secret government agency, but still drove around in his Rolls, which had
been discreetly bulletproofed by the agency. The supporting cast of the earlier seasons
was dropped. The show was very similar to Barry's previous show, Bat Masterson. The series
was produced by Powell's company, Four Star Television. A revival of the show ran on CBS
from 1994 to 1995. In the second incarnation, Burke was assisted by his son, Peter.
The revival, even more than the original program, was widely regarded as being largely camp.

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